Life increasingly gets more individualised in modern day cities. Hence people gradually become those, almost translucent, ethereal beings walking next to us every day we take on the streets of our cities. We don´t interact much, we basically alienate ourselves forgetting the world around.

Having Barcelona as a backdrop, the exhibition reveals the personal and unique trail passers-by leave, like rushed entities coming our way anonymously. We all are Urban Ghosts.


This is my very first solo exhibition. I was really nervous as I was a new up and coming artist. Although, thanks to previous experience and a good bunch of lovely  friends, I proved I can put on a good opening show. And it was a very well organised and presented show! People where queuing to get in, sponsors were happy, we run out of drinks fairly quick… The opening performance took place in the corridor where the project was exhibited, and due to the amount of people gathered around, it was very difficult to film the show, so there is not an actual recording. We still have loads of pictures, memories of a great night and some interviews! Also, this was the promotional video for the exhibition:

Oh! And the irony of the project? All pictures where taken with a mobile phone. Yes! The very first device distracting us from being more human in our streets. Wanna take some Urban Ghosts using your phone!? 🙂