Photography 2014 (Ongoing)

To say “our skin is delicate as a flower” is a reality. No matter how tough someone is willing to appeal, the fact is we are all made out of the same substances underneath this velvety soft crust. Feelings and emotions are not a sign for weakness, they are wondrous ways to communicate we are alive. Beautiful and pure expressions coming together to shape a human being. In this Secret Garden, gender conceived ideas had sown a blooming series of photographs; and, as delicate as we are, growing labels, social stigmas and stereotypes have been weeded accordingly to pleasure visitors and arouse their senses. Don´t expect much retouching on the photographs either, they are as raw as life can be, so let´s just feel…

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Since October´14, when I first started generating ideas and taking photos with different models, The Secret Garden has giving me the opportunity to exhibit in four different countries, as well as a book release and a performance. I am so grateful to all those who have collaborated in this project, from concept to final product, this is such a wonderful collection of photographs and let´s work together towards a society with less gender labels

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A New Jesus, Rotterdam

Stambolsky´s Thoughts work from The Secret Garden featured at a mass service at Remonstraten Rotterdam

Verso Branco Exhibition, Lisbon

08 to 30 July; Verso Branco, Lisboa Lisbon is a city high enough to touch the sky surrounded by the sound of Fado. All those emotions coming together make this city a perfect environment to present The Secret Garden in Portugal. Doing some research to find the ideal location a friend recommended me to check Verso Branco, and its warehouse style shop and gellery ooze with the right creativity to act as a frame for this exhibition. Rua da Boavista 132-134

Poble Nou Open Night, Barcelona

On the 24th of Nov, this area of Barcelona will transform into a creative Heaven. An initiative from Poblenou Urban District, different spaces will open their doors to Art from 7pm to 1am where DJs and artists will be working live and exhibiting their work. Four works fromThe Secret Garden photography project will be featured at Roc35. Check out the programme, it´s going to be super nice!

PhotoBook Exhibition, Barcelona

Photography Book Fair. On th 9th of June 2017, the CCCB, the contemporary culture centre in Barcelona, will host a photobook exhibition and fair where The Secret Garden book will be featured at the self published art books stand. Pop in and say Hi!

Liceo Magazine Review A great review from online mag Liceo: "The artist has turned male body into a garden where he can find shelter far from the madding crowd. In his minimal world, something between zen and Arabic reminiscent, beauty becomes an absolute state of pureness"

Cultural Agenda Lisbon

The Secret Garden has being extended and it will be also featured throughout the whole of August at Verso Branco Design. If you are out and about in Lisbon, do not miss it!

CCCB, Barcelona

The Secret Books with all the texts and photographs from The Secret Garden are here! Purchase via contact page The Secret Garden is a project that started back in October 2014, out of the necessity for expressing how important it is for a person to be who they want to be, with no social labels about gender expectations. Let's treat eachother equally, let's just feel... ​ Different astists and individuals have collaborated to bring this project together and make it blossom beautifully: Keops Guerrero, Nuria Navarro, Elie Saiegh are some of the great creative additions to this work, please feel free to visit and enjoy their work too!

Brick Lane Gallery

March 2016. The Brick Lane Gallery, London. A month exhibit as part of the Photography Now event run by the gallery. A2 prints mounted on honeycomb alveolar board to preserve the natural aesthetics of the work

Book Release

The book as an Art object. The Secret Books with all the texts and photographs from The Secret Garden are here! Book purchases as well prints via contact page

The exhibition held in Barcelona, was a very special one. Thanks to a group of friends who collaborated in the opening night, it was possible to present a performance inspired by The Secret Garden. Due to licensing issues, we were unable to play any music, so I decided to keep it very raw and organic. I found some bean pods from trees near where I used to live back in Barcelona, and adding some little bells, I got the audience to collaborate and being our percussion orchestra! We also have the honour of using a didjeridoo! Check it out!: