Video Art, Performance


Through endearing moving poetry, the Sea reveals all her passion, love and jealousy to the Moon. In hazy nights, they dance, slow. Waves become a motion ritual where the Sea´s clumsy sandy feet stumble coveting the wind, arousing her into the great gale to become full of the Moon´s breath. And not only her feet get excited, but the Sea´s lathery fingertips also fondle the satellite´s face, which reflected upon the aqueous mass darkness, lights up her pitch-dark solitude.

This live performance was pure magic and became a one-shot piece of video art. We wanted to showcase a contemporary dance full moon poem, and we chose a cold September night to do it. The performance was originally scheduled for August (warmer weather conditions apply) although due to licensing we had to postponed until Barcelona’s competent authorities gave us the green light.

Here is an extract of the play