Do we own our body or our mind? We are + energy, static moving bodies: forces in balance A compendium of experiences fluttering like butterflies in a garden where emotions bloom in colourful display

Where Mermaids Are Safe

As part of the Brighton Fringe events, Mermaids will take over the city with a contemporary dance and video art play addressing gender identity issues. We want to explore and develop a creative universe, beyond conventional approaches and gender roles within the performing arts. “Where mermaids are born” is intended for a public in search Continue Reading

The Theory of Light

Welcome to a fable where two wolves bark at each other under the same Moon. One is black, and the other one is white. One is made of shadows, obscure with a painful rage where stars are blind. The other one is bright, defending its essence of light. In this conflict between fear and courage, Continue Reading

Conquering your future breath

From afar, I can see he is bringing flowers to apologise. “Hi”, timid sparkling eyes display all that glitters in his boy heart. Our breath quickens in the inflamed air, longing for a cooler future gasp between us. Setting up boundaries is hard for me, notably when it comes to love. There is this strange Continue Reading

Where mermaids break the spell

Where Mermaids Are Born is a play in constant evolution. The story remains loyal to the original idea, a thought-provoking production to question Western society and its behaviour towards femininity. As part of the 2020 Brighton Fringe events, Mermaids will transform a church into the depths of the sea. Ever so proud to work with Continue Reading

Brighton Pride 2019

  369 reported murders of trans and gender diverse people between 1 Ocrober 2017 and 30 September 2018. Transrespect report 369 reasons why Pride events are still taking place Where mermaids are born (Donde Nacen Las Sirenas) is a play where Video Art and Modern Dance get together to take us through feminism and transsexualism Continue Reading


Embrace the shadows for the light to show the deepest thought voluntarily highlight emotions difficult to understand Progress will be made the water will flow freely liquid embrace gently on Earth so as in Heaven above It is the course of life the Spring, the Summer, the Fall, the Winter, and the Spring returns fresh Continue Reading


Del blanco al negro y vuelta al negro para volver al blanco y en medio un variado y coloreado espectro de emociones y sentimientos creando un caledoscopio de nuevas formas lleno From white to black and back to black to return to white and in between a wide colourful spectrum where feelings and emotions shape Continue Reading