Interdisciplinary: Photography, Video Art, Print, Collage, Art Direction, Scenics… an endless inspirational spectrum of possibilities coming together as an artistry Kaleidoscope. Different ways to express Art, different ways to Art expression. Creativity is not limited, Creativity is a way of living. Some current projects, and some beautiful and rewarding past ones can be found in this section; for a complete TimeLine, please visit the About page




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Where Mermaids Are Born

As we grow up, doubt arises: which is our shadow, which our reflection >


Bed becomes a void, every time he goes away. Cold empty morning embrace >

The Secret Garden

Nature does not understand social labels about gender expectations >

The Sea

The Sea – A portrait of man as a free force of nature, unpredictable >

City Lights

He is fireflies under the London Lights. Magical Southbank nights >

Lost and Font

In search for a global alphabet! Get inspired and find some letters! >

The romance between the Sea and the Moon

The Sea confronts the Wind to conquer the Moon’s love >

Let Your Feet

Let’s get our feet back into track, they are wise enough to know where to stand >


Fashion photography session made in Barcelona for a Sunglasses campaign >

Barcelona’s Skin

Barcelona’s iconic sgrafitto buildings become a fashionable silky printed foulard >

Urban Ghosts

Passerby becomes almost invisible in modern day cities >


Shaping our bodies out of gender labels >