They, them, their.

Stambolsky is an interdisciplinary artist, a visual storyteller, having attended Multimedia and Digital Photography studies at the City of Westminster College (London), as well as Cinema 4D editing, in Barcelona. Video art and photography are the core forms of their work, portraying gender and societal issues to achieve a vision of equality.

As a 3D artist, they have produced visuals to follow characters on stage in Heroes and Heroines, a show about bullying. In Mermaids, they take their multimedia skills a step further and design a digital stage, devising a cinematographic experience with video art, spoken word and contemporary dance.

Stambolsky’s graphic design and photographic work include advertisement for Catalan brands Uniqbrow and La Pell de Barcelona. In The Urban Ghost series, they use double exposure photography to portray passersby as ghosts, a metaphor for city life lacking a sense of community. The resulting exhibition was arranged resembling Barcelona’s skyline.

Stambolsky’s research produces thought-provoking concepts to break barriers and show their commitment to gender topics. The Secret Garden book presents a series of male photographs juggling their emotions due to cultural expectations. They managed exhibitions for this work in Lisbon, London and Barcelona. One of the pictures featured in a mass service in Rotterdam as a modern Jesus, wearing a flower crown instead of thorns.

Welcome to The Stambolsky Project

The Future is just divine





Artist asks visitors to meditate in front of a blank paper to then scribble following their mind. The subconcious is a dark place in our heads and we can only reveal as we stop and dare to step into it. Santander

Peep Show

Installation where passers by stop and stare through a peep hole. With this piece the artist makes visitors stop and think what is the origin of their curiosity inviting them also to look at themselves to the mirror. Santander


This postal code in Santander gives name to an urban festival where local retailers host different young artists.  Ongoing


+ Laboratorio de Identidades

ONG Community café to create artivism around the idea of identity, expression and sexual orientation, resulting on an union of gender.

Ongoing. Santander, Barcelona, Londres


Two Wolves

Mixed media; Brighton (UK)

A combo of texts and images to portray the apocaliptycal self

• Because of Love

LGBTQI+ Short film directed by Lex Melony; London (UK)

Cinematography and camera assistant


*Thessaloniki International LGBTIQ Film Festival (Greece)

The romance between the Moon and the Sea

City of Mexico International Videodance Festival (Mexico)

Video choreography short film



B&W photography portraying a non gender side of our bodies, Brighton (UK)

• Where Mermaids Are Born


*Brighton Pride (UK)

Riot! Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary, Brighton (UK)

• Secret Garden


*Brighton Pride, (UK)

Riot! Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary, Brihgton (UK)


• Thoughts

Location: Remonstranten Rotterdam, (Netherlands)

Featured at a mass service as a contemporary Jesus


• La Pell de Barcelona – Barcelona´s Skin

Creative Director/Photography, (Spain)

70s style body projections themed photography as part of the brand´s marketing campaign

• Secret Garden


*CCCB, Contemporary Culture Centre, Barcelona (Spain)

*Convent Sant Agusti Bar, Barcelona (Spain)

*Verso Branco, Lisbon (Portugal)

*WAC Art Festival, Barcelona (Spain)

Photography exploring gender Equality

Prints, Books and Postcards

• Donde Nacen las Sirenas/Where Mermaids Are Born

MUTIS: Independent Theater Festival, VIII Edition, Barcelona (Spain)

Art Direction, Photography, Video

Cinematographic choreography about gender identity

• Rubble Nations

La Virtual Room: Collage for a Barcelona made fanzine (Spain)

• Maricones

Photography Director, Camera and Edition – Trailer, Barcelona (Spain)

Venezuelan film director Ricardo González Sulbarán brings to light 70´s and 80s Spanish gay movies through their original characters and directors in this short film


• Donde Nacen las Sirenas/Where Mermaids Are Born:

*La Bobila, L´Hospitalet; as part of Barcelona´s Pride events (Spain)

*Parc Sandaru, Barcelona(Spain)

Art Direction, Photography, Video

Cinematographic choreography about gender identity

• Secret Garden

The Brick Lane Gallery; London (UK)

Photography exploring gender Equality

• Urban Poetry

Literature, Barcelona (Spain) and London (UK)

​Urban poetry printed on magnetic paper and cut words separately for the public to interact and compose their own sentences

• Imbecil Fancine 5

Collage, alternative magazine, Barcelona (Spain)

• Donde Nacen las Sirenas/Where Mermaids Are Born: MalaKabaret *Ongoing

Art Direction, Photography, Video

Cinematographic choreography about gender identity

•Urban Ghosts

Sala de Exposiciones CC Sant Martí, Barcelona (Spain)

Selected prints form the Urban Ghosts series as part of the Barcelona City contest (Group)


• The Romance between the Sea and the Moon

Multimedia performance and Video Art, Barcelon (Spain)

• Yoga Cards

Photography, First Prize in a photo contest; Barcelona (Spain)

• The Browser

Photography, Newspaper edited by Uniqbrow; Barcelona (Spain)

• Imbecil Fancine 4

Collage, alternative fanzine; Barcelona (Spain)

• Urban Ghosts: CC Les Corts

Black and white double exposure photography exhibit (Solo); Barcelona (Spain)


• Void

Black and white photography series about bed skeletons, Barcelona (Spain)

• Fornetto

Web based cooking channel, Australia

Video Editor

• Imbecil Fancine 3

Collage, alternative fanzine, Barcelona (Spain)

• Arco Tangente

Collage, Street Art exhibition (Group); Madrid (Spain)

• Donde Nacen las Sirenas/Where Mermaids Are Born: Different theatres *Ongoing

La Createca, Barcelona (Spain)

Espacio Vrabac, Barcelona (Spain)

Art Direction, Photography, Video

Cinematographic choreography about gender identity

• Il.lustraMurs

Video production for the international illustration contest Il.lustraCiencia; Barcelona (Spain)


• Imbecil Fancine 2

Collage, alternative fanzine; Barcelona (Spain)

• L’Autoportrait by Christophe Massé

Selfportrait exhibition (Group); Bordeaux (France)

• Encajados Boxed In

Urban Photography project directed by photographer Joan Tomas; Barcelona (Spain)

​Runner and model

• Héroes y Héroinas

Different theatres across Catalonia

3D visuals for Nin-Yo Performance´s play about bullying

• Lost+Font

Espai Ku, Vila Viniteca, US Fest; Barcelona (Spain)

Art/Multimedia Director, Photography, Video, Marketing

Typography themed photographs and video installation (Group)